Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 24.6m3/sec

Weather: Sunny 

It's another windless sunny day for Turangi, all is calm on the lake meaning it's a great opportunity for those itching to get the boat out for a spot of jigging/harling/trolling or a day at the Delta. Reports from the lake are far and few between but those willing to share have done well using olive wooly buggers, with a bit of orange either in the bead or tail and the Pat Swift varieties have been super popular for this. 

We have just received a delivery from Kilwell and Black Magic which includes a top up of the essentials: filleting knives, lures, Scientific Anglers fly lines, nets, tippet, and more! 

🔥 New Product 🔥 

Click Here: Black Magic Supple Fluorocarbon 

Fluorocarbon delivers impressive abrasion resistance, a high level of sensitivity due to its low stretch, and an ultra-clear colour making it ideal for clear water fishing or when stealth is important.

These are all important features for anglers who prefer using fluorocarbon and Supple Fluorocarbon ticks all these boxes. But its supple feel has the added benefit of improved lure presentation and easier knot tying.

Supple Fluorocarbon is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, particularly when you’re targeting easily spooked species like trout, bream, and squid.

Come on in and have a chat with us today, we are happy to have our own Tim McCarthy back on board after a holiday away, or alternatively take a tour of our website: Sportinglife Turangi - Flyfishing Specialists - Outdoor Sports (sportinglife-turangi.co.nz)