Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 25.8m3/sec Weather: Partially Overcast

A moody start to the morning following a spectacular long weekend of summer fun on the Plateau!

First off, a massive shout out to the wonderful customers who have come in over Easter! We appreciate your support and hope you all had a blast enjoying your holiday!

Rosie and I headed out for a spontaneous night fishing session and were later joined by a friendly face who frequents the shop and the local rivers.

We each used various streamer patterns ranging from olive/orange/black boobies, black rabbit, and silicone smelt.

Graeme landed a cracking rainbow on an orange booby with his RIO Fathom WF8S7 while Rosie's fly of choice was an olive booby paired with her RIO Fathom WF6S5 and I used a black rabbit on the RIO Fathom WF7S3... It was quite the Fathom party. We did experiment with different lines including floating and intermediate sink, but as it got dark the heavier lines were the go-to.

When I switched to the black rabbit, I made the cast and assumed I hooked up to Rosie or Graeme's fly line, so I asked and soon as they responded with "no" I felt the tell-tale head shake and off the fish went. I wasn't prepared to make the same mistake again, so hooked fly line or not, I set the hook. I'm glad I did.