Tuesday 31st October 2023

Tuesday 31st October 2023

We were expecting a much different start to the last day of October than what we got. It started fairly clear instead of the rain periods that were forecast. Those who hit the river early would have had the best of it but as the day wore on the clouds came in and we have had a few rain showers roll through town. Hopefully it doesn't dampen the spirits of the Trick n Treaters.

The Tongariro is clear and sitting on 26.7cumec which is still very fishable but do keep an eye on the graphs as rain can fall from the humid buildup and affect flows.

This time of the year can be a great time to hit the Tongariro and other Taupo streams as angling pressure isn't too high and there is plenty of Trout to be found. Mostly recovering fish will be quick to take your offering but mixed in with them is a few nice lake fish that have waited to wander up the rivers. 

Whether you prefer to drift nymphs or swing streamers on sinking lines, dredge the depths with a Euro setup or delicately place a dry fly there will be somewhere out there for you to get a bend in your rod.

On these changeable weather days a light waterproof jacket helps to keep you in the game. Light and comfortable the Patagonia Torrentshell doesn't take up much room in the pack, check them out online or in store.


Benn is here in Turangi for a few days while holidaying from across the ditch and has managed to get a few Rainbows to hand. This one took a #14 Hare n Copper suspended under a dry fly....not bad going for an old saltwater flyfisho.