Tuesday 5th March 2024

Tuesday 5th March 2024

It's a wet cold morning here in Turangi. We had a pretty decent dump of rain across the last 24 hours which cause the Tongariro to spike around 306m3/sec last night. Although the rain is still falling steady it has eased up enough to allow the Tongariro to drop back down to 35.9m3/sec this morning which is a fishable flow, but the river is still holding a lot of colour. 

Swinging large wet fly patterns such as woolly buggers and rabbit flies in a dark colour to contrast in the dirty water will be the ticket if you are looking to get out on the water today. These can be great conditions to fool some of the large brown trout that are in the system. Brown trout love to sit in the slack water hard against the bank in these conditions so prospect the slow edge water and you might just strike gold!

After a delayed flight last night Neil made his way back to Turangi in the wee hours of the morning. He looks a little sleepy but is back in action at the shop and can't wait to get back into it out on the river...... maybe after a decent night's sleep first. 

The range of Rio Elite Predator Sink Tip Fly Lines are designed for turning over large flies and come in a range of different sinking tips that are suitable for swinging anything from shallow edge waters to the deepest of pools. The F/I/S3 is ideal for prospecting the edge water with large flies in these conditions as well as making a great line for fishing some of our smaller stream mouths.