Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 24.3m3/sec

Weather: Rain/Cloud

Some rainfall for the CNI at present, seeing a slight increase in the river flow reading at time of report but nothing significant, so the Tongariro river remains low and clear. Great reports coming through from local anglers and those visiting from across the ditch, seeing good numbers of quality fish being caught on the Category 3 Flashback PT UV which we have instore and online, paired with a heavier nymph and one pattern that is doing well today is the Always Borderline - Dave size 12.

Now, over to Shop Dad and his words about his time away 🏝 

While it’s good to be back home again my thoughts are still being dragged back to warm water flooding over bright white saltwater flats. Kiritimati Island sitting roughly halfway between Fiji and Honolulu has a myriad of these skinny water scenarios which bring anglers from all over the world to test their gear against the awesome speed of silver Bonefish that will have you seeing your backing heading out of the rod at an alarming rate and wondering if there is enough on the reel!! Wary Triggerfish test patience and accuracy and can be as fussy as an edge finny Brown Trout, the comparison ends there however because no Trout pulls as hard as these brutes and certainly don’t live in line shredding coral lairs where the game comes to a solid end if they make it that far. Giant trevally are the bullies of the flats and can turn up at any time, while not always assured of getting the eat from these guys the stubborn nature and bulldozer runs require the best of rod, reel and line.

These are the main targets that draw salty fly fishers to this jewel of the Pacific Ocean that can be found not too far north of the equator. There are plenty of other species to keep you on your toes and they all have the ability to make quality gear selection a must. If you have plans to check some of this out for yourself then touch base with the crew here at Sporting Life who have racked up and hour or three on a variety of saltwater targets.

Click Here for Everything Saltwater: https://www.sportinglife-turangi.co.nz/search?q=saltwater&options%5Bprefix%5D=last


Gear used: 

Sage R8 SALT 7wt

Sage R8 SALT 11wt

Sage Spec Max 7/8

Sage Sec Max 9/10

Abel SDS 7/8

RIO Elite Bonefish line WF7

Rio Elite GT line WF11

RIO mono 10’ tapered leaders 16lb/20lb

RIO fluorocarbon tippet 16lb / 20lb

Patagonia sling pack

Simms sun hood