Tuesday 9th April 2024

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 25.4m3/sec Weather: Cloudy

A cloudy start for Turangi seeing some rainfall overnight, but the river flow remains to be low. According to the weather forecast we shall expect to see scattered rain showers until Thursday, with a possibility of heavy rain on Friday. It is still early in the week and things may change so will keep you posted.

One thing is for certain, we do need rain!! 🎣🎣🎣

Rosie and I have decided to maintain our weekly night missions at the rips and while we found the fishing to be slow, they were all top-quality fish which added to our excitement for the approaching winter season. Starting with the intermediate sinking line before dark retrieving smelt patterns, and then changing to our sink 3 or 5 alternating between booby or black rabbit lumo flies. 

The all-new NOVA reel and NOVA Cassette Reel Set have arrived in various sizes each in black or stardust colours. Click on the links and have a read up about each product, fyi spare spools and cassettes are available.

The cassette option would be a fantastic option for those fishing lakes loch-style and/or backcountry rivers catering to multiple fly fishing techniques.