Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 95.3m3/sec Weather: Rain ☔

The Central Plateau has been wet and wild for many days now, but we are expecting the weather to take a positive turn just in time for the weekend, seeing sunny weather but be prepared as it will be cold.

We have good stock of warm clothing from Patagonia, available instore and online: 

Patagonia Retro Pile Pullover

Patagonia Beanies

 Despite the dull and damp weather through the week folks have been getting out there and reaping the rewards bringing chrome to the net. Shop Dad has had some glorious fish lately as seen in recent reports, and they just keep on coming! But for the next few days he is bound to the shop and sobering up from his epic few days on the river 🤭😝 

It doesn't matter if you're nymphing or wetlining as both techniques have been successful with natural or bright flies working well... and to those asking, yes globugs and the like are working well especially with the high and coloured water.

I know that others including myself are inclined to tie or use pink/orange beaded nymphs/streamers instead of eggs this time of the year and they work just as well or arguably better, especially when the river is low and clear with angler pressure added to the scenario - something to remember when the fish go shy on the egg pattern.  


Sporting Life - Turangi has recently added "slushies" to the inventory, which are egg-squisitely tied by Mackenzie Lyttle! They've been in hot demand for yolks who love an egg pattern, so b-egg no more! we have enough to make an omelette.

Soon available online so keep your eyes cracked open 👀