Tuesday the 22nd of August 2023

Tuesday the 22nd of August 2023

Weather: Standard 2023

Rive Flow 27 odd cumecs


The wind is fair cranking this morning and has cooled right off. It has felt like Spring winds with the way they have howled across the Plateau for a good proportion of winter. With just under a week of official winter left, here's hoping that all the gusts have been used up and Spring brings a calmness I think we all deserve. :)

The reports coming in this morning and late yesterday afternoon were a mixed bag from anglers. You always feel for the anglers who haven't done well as their body language often reads "there's no bloody fish in that river" when they call into the store which when followed up by an angler coming through the door with a smile from ear to ear after a good old fashioned slay fest can only fuel the fire of their frustrations.

The Tongariro for the last few weeks has fished well, there's no denying it, adapting to the lower than usual winter flow is the key, which is fairly easy to do, this means flies, leader lengths, indicator profile and colour along with your approach to presenting this to your target needs to reflect the conditions.

There will always be exceptions to the rule and you will come across sections of water where it feels like you can throw any old fly into the depths and something will jump up and accept the challenge and boy of boy do we all love it when it's working like this but when it's not, take a breather, take look at how you are setup and ask yourself, is it time for a change.

Anglers have already started prepping for the warm months, which also is not a bad way to fish the plateau right now with the low flows. Tapered leaders are heading out the door and around the country via online sales and the team is busy picking and packing.


Rosie has continued her amazing assault on the fishing with another solid session and some stunning fish, good stuff Rosie, keep up the superb work.