Tuesday the 4th of July 2023

Tuesday the 4th of July 2023

We've missed a few blog posts over the last couple of days, everytime one of the team has sat down at the computer to kick one off there's been another keen fisherman through the door to shoot the breeze and pick up some gear and with the new licence season underway it's been flat tack processing those.

The wind and weather has been absolutely horrendous over the last couple of days with more big winds expected tomorrow then easing Thursday.

Even with the weather there has been a solid number of anglers around and there is a good number of anglers form Australia battling the conditions looking for winter chrome.

Today in particular the winds were howling and it made things very tough no matter what technique you were fishing but when it came together there were some beautiful fat rainbows caught.

We are pumping through Wooly Buggers in-store and Tim has been trying up a storm so pop in and get yourself geared up.