Friday 14th of April 2023

Friday 14th of April 2023

Weather: Mostly Sunny

Tongariro River Flow: 53m3/sec

Jared is back in town for some long overdue fishing and hunting adventures! So far, he's had a run in with a swarm of wasps which gave him a nasty set of red bumps as a welcome back to town - but not well received by poor Jared 🤕 Although he did land himself a beast of a brown which would have been a challenge to net by the looks of it! For those asking, he was wetlining in the Tongariro using an orange rabbit streamer.

Jason who was passing through town never fails to stop by the shop and gave us his report of a night out on the river mouth which was a success. 

Steve had a fantastic time fishing the Tongariro recently and scored himself some fresh rainbows and a well-conditioned golden coloured brown which you see in the photo below. He reported using small natural nymphs which were delicate on the take. 

We have a vast range of fly tying materials for those who want to create a big dirty streamer to swing through the Tongariro and further afield. Most of us in the shop really enjoy using rabbit zonkers or wooly bugger marabou with lots of movement and sparkle, so naturally Wapsi Sili Legs and Kyrstal Flash are big part of the equation. The photos below are just examples of what we have in store, so it's best to come on in and check it out! 

Sili Legs


Wapsi Rabbit Zonkers