Wednesday 14th of December 2023

Wednesday 14th of December 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 24.8m3/sec

Weather: Party Sunny/Windy

Gusty winds have kept most of the boat anglers away from the water and tending to the brining and smoking of trout! But the forecast for the weekend appears to be steering towards the calm conditions we all hope for. 

Pat Swift jig rigs, Kilwell Tobys, Tassie Devils, and teasers are doing well and heading out the door on the daily - so get yourselves well topped up before Christmas/New Year.

Neil and Jonas made the most of the sunshine having fun hooking bows on dries. It's great to hear from customers that the trout are starting to look up and as we continue through summer, we look forward to a great cicada season. 

Rosie joined Josh on Otamangakau for an afternoon session of stalking trout feeding on damsel nymphs which refused nearly every fly presented to them! But Rosie being determined to achieve her dream brownie on the dry persevered and caught two rainbows on the dry. Well done team!