Wednesday 14th December 2022

Wednesday 14th December 2022

It is an overcast day in the town of Turangi and the rain clouds are threatening to open up any minute now. The Tongariro is flowing at 39.3 m3/sec and holding a nice green colour, suitable for both nymphing and wet lining. It may be summer but the conditions continue to push fresh fish up the river (one added bonus of the constant rain) and our customers have been taking full advantage. 

If you are sick of the high flow in the river there is still plenty of opportunity around the lake edge not huge numbers of fish yet but the rewards are there for those willing to try and as the weather heats up so will the fishing. The Ahrex FlexiStripper is the ultimate tool for managing your line while wading the stream mouths it is low profile, light weight and doesn't scoop up water like other traditional stripping baskets.

Continuing on with our fly line discussion for summer we touch on the Rio Grand series. If you're an avid winter fisherman then the Rio Grand has probably already found its way onto one of your fly reel spools, however this line is not only limited to turning over large indicators trailing a bomb and glo bug. If you are interested in sight fishing to smelting brown and rainbow trout around lake Taupo then look no further than this fly line. 

It's aggressive front taper and gives lots of mass toward the front end of the line, this gives you the ability to turn over smelt patterns and various other streamers it also lends itself to casting large cicada patterns on long leaders and slices through wind with with ease when cast with a tight loop. Add a Rio 10ft Ex. Fast sink VersiLeader and you are now able to fish deep drop offs and lips with either smelt flies or booby patterns.

If you Struggle casting big flies and fishing in windy conditions then I would highly suggest giving this line some serious thought.

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