Wednesday 14th June 2023

Wednesday 14th June 2023

Yet another bright sunny day on the central plateau with a chilly southwest breeze. The Tongariro is still flowing low and crystal clear currently sitting at 30.2m3/sec. these clear conditions have made fishing challenging for most but for those willing to drop down to small natural nymphs in size #14 or #16 have been having success. Nymphs with a splash of red such as the Category Three Pole Position and Red Bead Hare & Copper seem to be the best fish producers at present. For those wet lining #10 brown or olive woolly buggers are hard to beat in these conditions. 

Theresa went out for a fish with Rosie from Toasted Chef and ventured out on the big lake to intercept some beautiful fish before they make their run up some of the local spawning streams. Hopefully we see fish similar to these enter the river soon! It's fair to say that Toasted Chef is the preferred lunch stop amongst all the staff here. If you're looking for a primo toasted sandwich, the best fried chicken or their new American style hot dogs to warm you up after a cold morning on the river then call in and see Rosie and Zane at their food truck located next to the roundabout outside New World Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Rosie might even be able to share her secret fish slaying fly pattern😉.

Theresa and Rosies fly line of choice was the Rio Outbound Short with the intermediate/5ips/7ips sink rate. This line has a super aggressive sink tip that gets you down fast! with the intermediate sink running line it keeps you in perfect contact once your flies reach the desired depth. Having the correct sinking line is a key component to finding success when fishing the lips and drop offs of Lake Taupo and this line covers all the bases.

Things have been picking up in the shop and we appreciate all of your support. It looks like we are expecting some rain this weekend and it'd be safe to say that the fishing is going to be red hot so pack your bags and get over here!