Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 54.1m3/sec

Weather: Sunny 🌞 

It's a beautiful day for the Central Plateau! The air is crisp, and the sun is shining brightly over the town centre so it's a picture-perfect day to be out enjoying the great outdoors. 

The lakes continue to provide entertainment for those jigging and fishing the 150-200ft mark has been providing some well-conditioned trout. Day and night, the river mouths have been favorable to those fly fishing who want a relaxed yet productive way to fish, and you may have noticed the Sporting Life Crew getting amongst it!

The lace moth/passion vine hoppers are pesky little critters but the trout love em, and anglers who seek the challenge have a love/hate relationship with them!

Just a reminder about river etiquette as folks have reported being jumped in on by other anglers while in the middle of casting or preparing to fish for rising trout, especially along the edges. This is frustrating as you can imagine, and mistakes can happen so please look out for fellow anglers before stepping into the river and potentially disturbing fish. 

Sam and Molly were visiting from Australia and sent through some photos of fish which were caught on one of their days enjoying what the fishery has to offer. They certainly enjoyed the abundance of stroppy juveniles which are common this time of year. Molly pictured below has been making use of her Guideline Experience Waistbag, containing all the gear while maintaining comfort. 

Guideline Experience Waistbag 6

Neil, Jess, and Theresa are in store today so come on in for a chat about what's happening on the water!