Wednesday 16th of November 2022

Wednesday 16th of November 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 30.3m3/sec

Weather: Cloudy

It's a warm day for Turangi despite the cloud cover and potential rain on the horizon. 

Boat anglers are reporting an increase in activity and finding good numbers of well-conditioned rainbows either jigging, trolling or harling. Those doing significantly well are fishing more than one technique, harling in the shallows and jigging out deep. To those of you who are waiting, we are now fully loaded with jigging, trolling and harling sets to get you geared up for summer!! Get in quick before they vanish in the New Year!

The evening rise is becoming the highlight for most on the rivers especially the Tongariro, as wee wets are being grabbed by customers with plans to fish into the night. 

Neil tells us that he hooked and lost a few during yesterday's wander on the local, picking up recovering jacks. Shop Dad is a definite fish slayer in our eyes, so we can let this one slide instead of giving him a hard time for the long-distance releases 😋

If getting good numbers of fish is on your agenda, you may be interested in euro nymphing. It's not everyone's cup of tea but we frequently come across anglers who have witnessed or heard of its effectiveness. Tarn and I are instore today, so we invite you all to visit and ask about this technique or alternatively send an email to and we will answer any queries. 

We have a great range of euro nymphing rods, reels and lines to suit! With a great range of nymphs designed to fish this style.