Wednesday 17th January 2024

Wednesday 17th January 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 26.8m3/sec

Weather: Overcast with light northerlies expected to develop into the day

We have awoken to a cooler overcast day today, which has been quite refreshing after the warm muggy weather we have been experiencing lately.

The salt water season is in FULL SWING! To celebrate this, we have great deals on the Sage Spectrum Max reels and Winston Air Salt and Alpha models 😎 this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the finest salt fly fishing equipment available at a great price. 💰💰💰

There have been reports of both Rainbow and Brown Trout of notably great condition being caught, which have more than likely moved into the river system after the small spike in flow we saw two nights ago. 

A dry fly with a small nymph (#14/#16) fished below, known as the dry dropper technique, is a great way to target the riffles and shallow runs that these fish are occupying at the moment. 

Evening rise has been fishing well, with hatches of mayfly earlier in the evening and caddis in plague proportions once the sun begins to sink below the horizon. Parachute Adams and Sporting Caddis have will cover your bases for fishing the evening rise.  🤘

Switching to a large streamer after dark is a great way to target the large Brown Trout that are now lurking in the river system. 

A friendly reminder to make sure you have your favourite go to insect repellent on hand, especially if you are tackling the evening rise or you will find yourself the main course of the evening... Tarn can attest to this 😬

- Jess