Wednesday 17th may 2023

Wednesday 17th may 2023

It feels like we've seen more sunshine in the last few days than we did the entire summer. Having said that the temperatures are certainly cooler as we woke to 0 Degrees Celsius and a light frost this morning. The Tongariro is down to 36.1m3/sec and flowing cold and clear. We have had some customer feedback this morning that the slushy flies have been doing the damage over the last couple days as they came in and scooped up another handful for today's outing. There seems to be plenty of fresh fish still hanging about and anglers are taking full advantage of the dropping river conditions taking fish on both wet line and nymph. 

Neil has become quite the Trout Spey addict over the last week taking his Sage Trout Spey HD 11'3" 4wt out again yesterday and finding good numbers of silver rainbows. an orange bead woolly bugger tied on the Ahrex Predator Jig Streamer hook proved lethal and kept him well connected to the majority of fish hooked. 

We've topped up on almost all Trout Spey lines and MOW Tips so you can make sure you have the right gear and join in on the fun. We all prefer to run a 4wt rod in the 11'0"-11'6" range paired with a either a Rio Trout Spey Skagit or Rio Mini Max Power Skagit Head or integrated fly line. Off the end of the Skagit head we run a Rio MOW Tip in 10' of T-8. For any enquiries on trout spey set ups be sure to visit us in store or call the shop.

We have also topped up on Mclean net magnets and Kilwell smokers so you can land your fish with ease and turn them into a beautiful meal afterwards if you choose to do so. 

According to the forecast we are due for some more sunshine tomorrow followed by some more rain leading into the weekend. We will certainly be sad to see the sunshine go but the possibility of more rain pushing another flush of fish up the river has us wriggling with excitement.