Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Tongariro River flow: 33.8m3/sec

Weather: Sunny🌞

The weather today looks like a great day to be out there fishing if you're lucky enough to not be working. We're having some good reports of fresh fish moving through in pods so fish the pools well and keep moving! 

Over the weekend I went out with Alex and Tom Harris to fish the dirty rivers. We fished with large eggs and slushies in the chocolate brown water where Tom hooked into a nice jack. 

As winter nears, you'll need some new fleece to keep you warm, we all seem to be holding onto our old winter fleeces, but nothing feels better than new warm fleece. So come in and get your Lonely Track Rustla Packs both in kid's sizes and adult sizes or if your too far away, check out our online store and we can ship them to your door. Click Here to check them out!

Another thing to keep you warm while wading through the rivers is our Magnum Neoprene waders! We have new Magnum wader stock which is great while temperatures continue to drop both in the air and in the river. Click Here to check them out!