Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Weather: Cloudy

Tongariro River Flow: 29.0m3/sec

The last couple of days has been a mixed bag of sunshine and cloudy periods with no rain of any consequence, this has seen the Tongariro slowly drop back below 30cumec and looked clear and very fishy this morning. The local streams have been mostly clear but I did see that the Waiotaka had a tannin tint to it, this usually doesn't worry the Trout too much so a look for Brown Trout holding in the corners could be an option there at the moment.

The cooler mornings lately have seen the cicada become quieter which usually heralds the arrival of the Lacemoth / Passionfly Hopper. The Trout have been reported eating these tasty morsels in the last week so pop into the store and load up on a few.


There has been a noticeable increase in our overseas visitors travelling to Turangi to get some time on the iconic Tongariro. Reports back to us have been positive and even if the fish numbers are down a little on last year it has been great to see the smiles on dials from old and new who have put into practice what we suggest.

Kasper who is our featured photo is just starting his flyfishing journey under the guidance of Don, this is his first Trout and I'm sure he is now well smitten and will no doubt be giving this new game plenty of time. Well done to you both.

Brown Trout are still mooching around the lake and now that the lake is starting to drop in level working the edges for these cruisers will begin to fire up. it may not be the salty flats that I love but it is a lot closer to home and is a great way to hone spotting skills and delivery to these sometimes spooky fish.