Wednesday 24th of May 2023

Wednesday 24th of May 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 41.2m3/sec

Weather: Sunny 🌞 Enjoy it!

Another beautiful day ahead for Turangi with the sunshine piercing through the shop windows so there's no need for the heater this morning! Passing the Tauranga-Taupo anglers carpark I could see that it was quickly filling up as it has been receiving a lot of attention lately! So, if you are seeking some solitude today the Tongariro would be our top choice. 

Tim has finished rolling up a few more fish bags for those who harvest a few for the dinner table! It's handy to have a few in your fishing vest along with a priest. We also have good stock of Kilwell smokers and wood chips available in store and online, a staple item for the holiday bach and your home. 


Neil is away from the shop and has been out there getting a few with his Trout Spey HD which seems to be his main weapon of choice safe to say. He sent through the photo of a very thick rainbow and a hungry little brown trout which is seen to have a large wooly bugger in its mouth... Upon releasing the brown, Neil advised the little ripper to keep feeding BUT to exclude substitutes which may appear to be delicious but are reserved for the big fellas only🧏‍♂️

 The team can all relate to the trout spey addiction as it is (for us) the go-to for a fun day on the water... There's been a few days this month where I've taken two rods with me but always return to the double hand rod after 5 mins of trying to watch an indicator 😅