Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Blue Sky and Wind

It's a beautiful day for the Central Plateau! Nice and crisp with some frost coating the grass so the YETI Rambler accompanied me on the way to work this morning and I'm sure it'll be a staple on the river. 

Looking out the shop window I can see it's quite windy, so take care when casting those heavier flies - perhaps a waterload or roll cast, as both will do the job! 

The river mouths continue to fish well for the early birds and night owls - heave and leave, boobies, and lumo flies working a treat. Just remember to take care when standing in the rip as the sand can be very soft and give way beneath your feet. It's not for everyone and as I am new to rip fishing I wear a PFD for extra security. 

Folks euro nymphing have been doing particularly well following those who have already worked a piece of water. Coloured beads or pink/orange dubbing on nymph patterns have been working well - a customer just left the shop and said the range of jig/Czech nymph flies are working well for him so he topped up with a few more. 

This time of year when the sun travels lower across the sky there tends to be a lot of reflection coming off the water causing your eyes to strain and possibly making one tired prematurely, not to mention difficulty seeing trout through glare. Most of us in Sporting Life -Turangi wear Tonic sunglasses and we have a superb range of frames and lenses suitable for fishing in bright sunny conditions including overcast or shaded scenarios on the water.

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