Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 26.7 m3/sec Weather: Cloudy Morning/Sunny Afternoon

A mild overcast day for Turangi seeing more anglers about on the hunt for brown trout and the odd fresh rainbow now making an appearance as we inch ever closer to winter.

Alan is out there having a great time with his double-handed spey gear, swinging streamers into the runs of the Tongariro with a great grin on his face no doubt! If this is something you would like to try, then touch base with us as we have a great selection of double-handed spey rods along with lines and caged reels.

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I am looking forward to getting my intruder style patterns tied as I am keen to get a bend in my Sage Trout Spey HD this winter! In the months to come I will provide more detail on the set up I use along with the flies used. 

We have had a reminisce over the previous winters sharing photos and looking forward to making more memories out on the water with our friends and family. As always, we hope for a fantastic winter fishery, and it appears to be shaping up that way for sure. 

Jigging is still going well for those who are fishing 50m+ looking for drop offs or where bands of smelt come up on the sounder, keep moving if you haven't found fish. Trolling and harling has slowed for most as reports indicate this, but good thing these folks have their jigging rods on standby :)