Wednesday 28th September 2022

Wednesday 28th September 2022

After a spell of stunning weather it looks like we are yet again in for some heavy rain which, big surprise, is due right on opening weekend of the new trout season! If you are planning to hit the hills please take extra care, make sure you have all the right gear and don't push the boundaries - the fish will still be there when the weather clears and getting stuck on the wrong side of a flooded river is never an ideal situation!

If the backcountry blows out the fishing on the Tongariro and TT continue to provide! Although it has slowed down from the winter insanity of a couple of months ago there are still plenty of fish around and a few diamonds hiding here and there. The fish are beginning to kick into spring/summer mode with a smattering of fish beginning to rise in the evenings and if we get a couple of weeks of consistently warm weather that should really start to fire. Tarn and I were out the other evening on the Tongariro and it got bitterly cold as the sun dropped with only a handful of fish rising sporadically however there was a good number of big mayflies coming off with a few caddis making an appearance after dark so we won't be far away from the full blown rises!

Pat and I went to check out the lower river after the flooding and as expected there has been a lot of significant changes, there was good numbers of fish present with the majority having plenty of colour to them with a couple of fresh fish thrown in the mix that took a trip to the smoker. 

We are locked and loaded with anything and everything you can need for the upcoming season so check out our website or come instore and have a chat with the team and we can get you ready to make the most of the next few months!