Tuesday 4th April 2023

Tuesday 4th April 2023

It's has been cracking day today with mostly clear skies and a cooling breeze, a great example of a Central Plateau autumn day. Our mornings have been a little colder now and the town trees are starting to turn from green to rusty browns and yellows, not too long now and it will be dark and frosty mornings. 

The Tongariro River is clear and steady on 51.3cumec today with little change to be seen in coming weeks. Although the river has some extra puff it hasn't meant that it's unfishable.


Some thought to what method you prefer to employ will determine what part of the river will work for you. Softer edges will appeal to the dry fly and light nymphers that are on the lookout for Browns and edge hugging Rainbows. I would be thinking along the lines of heavier winter nymph rigs if searching for the odd silver Rainbows sitting in the deeper pools. Euro nymphing should do well at the moment as the thinner lines will get down to the fish quicker. Quick sinking shooting heads or spey outfits with heavier tips will be a winning combo and suit the higher water levels. It worked in the "good old days" when these flows were the norm and will no doubt get it done just as well today.


It's no secret that most of the Sporting Life crew enjoy the thrills and spills of saltwater flyfishing and we have all put some time into it both domestic and international. Now I have been accused of talking too much at the best of times but get me going on about saltwater fly and you'll have to come in with some time to spare and a comfy pair of shoes!!


Although we are situated in the middle of Trouting Nirvana the shop has a selection of salty gear on offer that will soon have you seeing backing flying off the reel and out towards the horizon. I always look forward to that because I've usually forgotten what colour my backing was when I put it on!

From the best of top end rods and reels to affordable combos there is something instore and online to get you started or to add to an existing collection. Our range of flylines, leaders and tippets are what we trust and use confidently ourselves. We also cater for the fly tyer with saltwater specific hooks and materials that can be stashed into C&F Design fly boxes.

Whether you are interested in chasing some of the salty denizens here in NZ or travelling to tropical destinations come in we'll help get you geared up.