Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

🐷 Three Little Pigs up The TT 🐷

Yesterday was one for the books! 

Sam, Neil and I headed to the river yesterday morning for a day of "social fishing" I initially intended to do more netting and napping but Neil talked some sense into me and soon after I was in business. We all had multiple double and triple hook-ups which added to the enjoyment, all rigged with an indicator set up using a mix of natural, bright coloured nymphs, and globug variations - all worked well. My go-to pattern was Category 3 black bead Gummers Carpet Caddis in #12 as the heavy nymph teamed up with a light attractor nymph. 

Neil absolutely found the "fish portals" yesterday, every time I glanced over he was hooked up to a fish 😅

Sam hooked the more acrobatic rainbows of the river

A memorable fish pulled from under a log (and cost a few flies)

 Report on the Tongariro

The Tongariro received rain overnight bringing the flow up to around 37 cumec and has since dropped down to 34.5 which is great for the fishing. It's now a sunny day with a slight breeze, so the conditions are perfect if you are planning to fish here today. If you're thinking of heading for the lake there were a few boats on the lake this morning harling close to shore. The delta has been firing, the usual suspects working - heave and leaves, and booby flies. Tim has recently tied up some heave and leaves to fill the display and is in store today if you need any custom made flies come in and see him.