R.L. Winston Fly Rod Co.

R.L. Winston Fly Rod Co.

Tongariro River Flow: 24.2m3/sec Weather: Cloudy 🌥 

Another cold day in Turangi seeing the hills shrouded in dense cloud, but it does not appear to hold sign of rain which is what we so desperately need.

Darryl and Lachlan hit the town for a four-day weekend and had a successful time covering ground on the Plateau both finding good numbers of fish. They have been busy on the spey gear this winter, adapting to the low and clear flows through finding wide/deep water, using appropriate sink rate tips, while using small/light streamers.

Great stuff guys! 

R.L. Winston Rod Company is among the world's leading fly rod manufacturers.

At Sporting Life-Turangi we pride ourselves for being able to provide a variety of choice to cover your fly fishing needs as there are rods to suit soft, moderate, to fast-action casting across all scenarios on freshwater and salt.

Pure - Soft Action. Dry fly/delicate presentation.

AIR 2 - Moderate/fast action. Dry fly/nymphing.

Alpha+ - Fast. Big flies. Heavy indicator rig.

Super 10 - Multi-application. Nymphing/dry fly.

Micro Spey - Trout spey/skagit.

Air Salt - Accuracy & speed