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Wapsi 4.0mm Chew Balls

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Size: 4.0mm Flame
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Besides the obviously great looking egg flies that can be tied with this material Chew Balls can be used for flies of all types.
One of the best uses of Chew Balls is in constructing highly defined, segmented fly bodies, like those on caddis nymph patterns. Chew Balls of descending size can be threaded onto the hook to make a tapered segmented body.

Several Chew Balls of the same size can be threaded onto the hook as a replacement for chenille. Imagine a woolly bugger tied with several Chew Balls for the body - not only would it look great to the trout but it would also feel real!

Some innovative bonefish anglers are also making flies with Chew Balls. Because they sink very slowly adding a Chew Ball or two to your favorite bonefish flies allows you to modify the sink rate of the fly.

One helpful tip when tying with Chew Balls is to use a drop of Zap-A-Gap on the hook shank. This will anchor the Chew Ball in place and improve the overall durability of the fly.

Chew Balls :

  • Makes incredibly lifelike egg patterns
  • Soft & chewy to the fish
  • Available in 15 colors