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Guideline NT11 Saline Fly Rod

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Size: 9ft #7
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NT11 fly rods are the result of taking advantage of the very latest and most sophisticated State of Art graphite materials used in the aerospace industry today. When applied to and used in fly rods, some remarkable benefits are achieved. The most evident effect being an amazing recovery power and crispness in the blanks, created by combining the incredible armoring and strength increasing effects of T1100G graphite with layers of the highest modulus graphite we’ve ever used in any fly rods to date. For you as an angler, the above properties are built into a series of rods that have the lowest blank weight, yet the highest break strain of any other rod in our line up and probably also on the entire fly rod market.


The NT11 Saline saltwater fly rods are for the dedicated coastal or tropical angler, that needs the best to rely on. With fantastic casting power and yet silky smooth rod action curve, these rods will cover all species you can think of swimming in our oceans and coastal lines around the world. Just as the other NT11 rods, the Saline´s are made with the highest modulus carbon fibre we have ever used, together with the extremely durable and strong T1100 carbon fibre. The rod range follows a very distinctive action type, but yet each model is fine tuned to be its very best for the thought of fishing situation. They have an extreme fast recovery with a ver comfortable "Mid to tip" flex type of action curve, making them easy to cast with high accuracy without being tiring or difficult to handle. The range consist of models from #6 up to the special #14 rod, covering everything from coastal trout and bonefish, to tarpon and tuna! We have worked hard and deliberately to keep the value of these rods maximized without sacrificing quality in workmanship or components.




9' #6  //  This rod is designed for serious coastal anglers seeking top-notch performance. Featuring the new T1100 material, it offers an incredibly lightweight construction while delivering the power necessary to handle windy conditions along the coast. It maintains the finesse expected from a six-weight rod. Although it is primarily intended for chasing sea-running brown trout in Scandinavia and classic streamer fishing, it is also suitable for tropical fishing, targeting species like bonefish on shallow flats.


9' #7  //  Considered one of the most versatile rods in the range, this rod shares the exceptional rod action of the #6 model. It combines the feeling of an extremely lightweight rod with an impressive amount of power and recovery speed. Once again, thanks to the T1100 material, it strikes a balance between finesse and power. This rod is suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios, from coastal seatrout and seabass fishing to pursuing larger bonefish on the flats. It will likely become your go-to rod for these types of fishing.


9' #8  //   If you're heading to tropical waters, this is the rod you should bring along. Its super-lightweight design allows for casting all day long with an #8 line without fatigue. The rod possesses remarkable potential, enabling you to generate the power necessary to tackle strong winds. Despite its lightness, it delivers superb response and recovery, ensuring an enjoyable and smooth experience comparable to lighter rods. While primarily intended for tropical fishing for bonefish, smaller permit, and fast-swimming species, it can also handle those windy days on the coast when you're targeting seatrout or seabass.


9' #9  //   A lot of anglers hold the 9-feet-9 fly rod as the universal multi-tool for flats fishing. It is the primary line weight for permit fishing and baby tarpon, but with it's great backbone it is also a blessing to use on the ocean-side bonefish flats when the wind picks up and you still need to push through that stiff nor-western. It is also a great allround choice for species like striped bass or false albacore, that sometimes requires long days on the water where a light, responsive rod is a must. While primarily intended tropical destinations it is a pleasure to cast and fish when hunting predators like northern pike, where delivering big flies is the norm.


9' #10  //   This rod is capable of handling nearly any situation you may encounter in tropical waters. It possesses the power to cast large and heavy flies effortlessly. It will be your best companion when pursuing big permits, jacks, mid-sized tarpon, and smaller trevally. With its fast action and perfectly balanced curve, you can quickly pick up line from the water to reposition your cast when the fish is on the move. The T1100 material truly shines in these higher line weights, offering an extremely powerful yet lightweight rod. It is an excellent choice for serious predator anglers, whether targeting big pikes or tropical beasts.


9' #12  //   Undoubtedly, this is the rod you need when targeting apex predators in warmer waters fishing from a skiff. It shares all the features found in the other models and boasts exceptional power to handle big tarpon and giant trevally with ease. Developed to never run out of power during battles with these monster fish, it still provides a great feeling when casting and using it throughout long days.


8'6" #14  //   This highly unique rod is specifically designed to handle the toughest and heaviest species found in the vast ocean. While it may not offer the same casting finesse as other models, its primary focus is to provide the necessary power to emerge victorious in encounters with massive tuna, shark, sailfish or marlin. The handle configuration is also different from the other models; on the #14 wt rod you get a bluewater style cork handle where the upper handle measures 265 mm in length.




  • T1100 CAP Technology gives uncompromised strength, performance and reliability.
  • Every rod is fitted with beautiful FLOR-grade cork and on the fighting butts you’ll find powder cork reinforcement. FLOR is the top grade of cork with the highest density and strength that will stand years of usage and remain pretty.
  • Titanium lightweight framed stripping guides. Highest quality stainless steel single leg running guides for rods up to #9, and snake guides from #10 and up. All with titanium coating.
  • The reel seats are custom designed by our own R&D team, having a hard anodized and very scratch resistant semi-matte finish.
  • The blanks have a matte satin finish with a visable spiral pattern. Lightly coated with deep carbon grey that gives the rods a stealthy, classy and non-flashy look.
  • All guides are wrapped with deeper blue thread and on all ferrules, stripper guides and logo areas they are finished with subtle tropical blue trim wraps.
  • Each rod is delivered with a light and strong rod bag made from 4-ways stretch nylon and rod tubes are made from light polycarbonate with a strong polyester fabric cover and a natural leather logo patch.
  • The NT11 fly rods come with a 25-year original owner warranty. This warranty covers faults in material and/or workmanship. 




NT11 rods use an ultra-elastic 46T Low Resin Material which makes it possible to create feather-light blanks with a crisp feeling that greatly improves sensitivity. Layers of T1100 graphite with extremely high tensile- and compression strength are then added both on the inside and outside of the 46T material, creating an incredibly strong wall and foundation for unmatched performance, durability and reliability in the blanks. Together with this, we use a carbon-scrim material with a proprietary CAP (Complex Axial Pattern) with 0, 45, 90 and -45 degrees, Cross Construction structure. This produces a lightning-fast recovery speed, increases the casting distance and improves the compression strength. High-strength TORAYCA NANOALLOY®-resin reinforced graphite improves the toughness and increases durability in the rods.




Model Lenght Line wt Weight Parts Handle/reel seat Rec. head weight
NT11 Saline 906 9´ 0" #6 98 g 4 pc Half wells & butt 14-16 g / 215-245 grains
NT11 Saline 907 9´ 0" #7 100 g 4 pc Half wells & butt 17-19 g / 260-290 grains
NT11 Saline 908 9´ 0" #8 102 g 4 pc Half wells & butt 19-21 g / 290-325 grains
NT11 Saline 9010 9´ 0" #10 115 g 4 pc Half wells & butt 24-26 g / 370-400 grains
NT11 Saline 9012 9´ 0" #12 124 g 4 pc Half wells & butt 31-34 g / 480-525 grains