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Wasabi Kitchen Knife set

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Your Wasabi knives are precision tools that will provide excellent performance for many years if well cared for. A word of warning: these knives are extraordinarily sharp. Take all due care when handling them and store them securely, preferably in a knife block.

The unique ridge and row of holes above the blade’s edge help ease the friction between the material being cut and the blade. This ensures easy slicing, dicing, chopping and carving.

Wasabi Knives are designed by Japanese craftsmen and manufactured in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, the home of high quality blades since 1200AD.

Caring for your Wasabi Knives:

To maintain your Wasabi knives in top condition, follow these guidelines:

  • Use your knives only on wooden or polyethylene cutting boards. Avoid formica, steel, marble, glass and other hard materials
  • Never use a Wasabi knife for prying, levering or for cutting/chopping bone. Apart from the danger to the user such misuse can damage or break the blade and void the warranty
  • Immediately after use, wash your knives thoroughly under running water, then in hot soapy water next time you do the dishes. Do not wash in a dishwasher as this may damage your knives. Dry your knives with a clean tea towel
  • Do not store the knives loose in a drawer as this can blunt and damage the blade and may pose a danger when rummaging around in the drawer
  • Store your knives in a wooden knife block, on a magnetic knife rack, or in the knife wallet supplied