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Highly Fishable

Neil, Theresa and I got out for a fish this morning before work with the two handers, and with large numbers of fish in the river at the moment we had a ball. The stand out performer again was the 4 weight Sage Trout Spey HD, it is such a beautiful rod to cast and fish with plenty of grunt to handle the fresh chrome rainbows. A Rio InTouch Skagit MOW 10ft T8 tip and a 2-3ft long leader consisting of 3X or 4X Rio Fluoroflex Strong tippet has been working very effectively paired with a 300gr Rio Trout Max Skagit head, the lighter tippets are coming into their own at the moment with the river being quite clear! We have rain forecast for Tuesday next week so fingers crossed we are done with the lockdown and life can resume some sort of normality. Time will tell!



RIO Fluoroflex STRONG Tippet

RIO Skagit Trout Max Head

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