Fishing Reports

Tuesday 9th April 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly sunny

A nice cool start to the day with a clear sky, it has been nice and sunny with a bit of a breeze through the day and we are seeing the leaves stating to change colour and fall to the ground. I saw a couple of anglers trying their hand below the bridge on my walk to work this morning but the fish that could be seen were making them work for it. The better quality Trout have been falling to the ever reliable green woolly buggers during the day but it’s still worth trying with something a bit darker during the evenings. Andrew was out early with some regulars and has a new video up on the facebook page.

Peter was out on the Tomgariro getting some casting practice yesterday and came up with this stunner…

I was lucky enough to spend a day on the river with Jared last week while we still had a smidge of colour in the river, we landed quite a few little fellas nymphing and a few better fish came to hand. Small naturals were all the rage in the bright sunny conditions and it paid to change them around if nothing was happening on the first pass through a hole.

One for tea from my secret spot….