Fishing Reports

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast but fine here in Turangi first thing this morning.  Just a cool gentle Zephyr blowing at this stage.  The temperatures in the morning have really dropped over the last week.  The daytime temperatures have still been up to 18/20 degrees celcius. The Tongariro is clear and fishable and flowing at 22.3 cumecs.

Had some anglers in the shop yesterday reporting fish still rising.  One said to things so tiny they didn’t know what they were.  I’ve still got a heap of Passion Vine Hoppers on my lemon tree so I guess trying one of those may still be worth a shot.  Also I have seen the odd Bee that has gone toes up …. possibly due to the cold. Might pay to try one of those possibly as well as the opportunist fish may like an easy feed.

(Below) I went down to the river at lunchtime to check it out.  The light drizzly rain had just begun.  We are now fully into Autumn and the leaves have really changed colour and some trees have shed a lot where others still have a lot of leaves on them. It is a colourful time of the year to be here in Turangi.  The trees are great but are a bane for householders over the next few months as they have to spend most of their time picking up the leaves.

This is looking upstream to the Major Jones swing bridge.  No anglers up in the Breakfast Pool.

(Below) Three anglers were having a crack at the Major Jones Pool at lunchtime.

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Major Jones Pool heading into the Island Pool area.

(Below) If you leave the leaves then the leaves will be left and not forgotten !!



Patagonia Gallegos II waders


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