Fishing Reports

Friday 23rd April 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 22.1 cumecs and is highly fishable.

We had a few anglers call into the shop yesterday.  Seems to be a mixture of anglers catching fish and others not.  One angler did quite well nymphing using an Armadillo Bomb and a small champagne glo bug.  The eggs have been working a little bit over the last three or four weeks, but since we haven’t had any floods for a long time the river is covered in slime and will be holding some good natural nymph life.  My suggestion is to keep an eye on when the next flood is and get here ASAP with some caddis nymphs and mayfly nymphs and the fish should gorge themselves.  Others are having a crack at wetlining. One local angler doing quite well on brown woolly buggers. Also others have caught small subway type fish.  The biggies will be there but picking your water and the correct method to use in that water will be key.

Reports of low and clear up at the Tauranga-Taupo.

Might pay to have a go at the drop off mouths (Delta, Waimarino and Tauranga-Taupo)  now while the lake level is very low.  Try a mixture of white boobies and heave and leave glo bugs.

Just remember the Lake Taupo level is quite low and take a bit of caution driving out …. the propeller may get a bit of a shine in the sand 😉


(Above) Neil was out and about for his morning “tootle” this morning and reported a few more anglers on the river. This is looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool earlier this morning.

(Below)  Looking upstream to above the Major Jones Swing Bridge.

(Below) The Major Jones Swing Bridge.



Redington Claymore Trout Spey

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