Fishing Reports

Saturday 28th August 2021

Highly Fishable

*** Fishing

You can fish from a wharf or the shore, but do not cast off the rocks or fish from a boat. Boating is not allowed. Keep it local — go to your nearest fishing spot, not your favourite fishing spot ***

The above has been copied from the official Covid19 web page stay safe stay local.

Hopefully the rain that has started this evening doesn’t muck it up for those who can get out tomorrow.

Unless anything pops up between now and Wednesday it looks like we will be able to get back into the shop and get back on track with renovations and a general tidy up and will also be able to process orders on a contact free basis meaning you can order online or flick us a message with what you need, the crew will pick it and pack it and you can collect it at a designated spot at the shop, not inside the shop but we will get a system running smooth as quick as we can after a run down with the Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi crew on Monday.

So if you are in Turangi and fishing your local and the supplies are running low we can get you geared up. Our website doesn’t have everything on it but if you’ve been in the store you know we have a massive range of gear from a lot of different high quality suppliers, so make a list, flick it through by message, there is a function to message us on our Facebook page and we’ll arrange it so you’re locked and loaded. Got a tonne of glo bugs looking for lips so jump on that too. 😁😁😁😁

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