Fishing Reports

Friday 30th October 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast and calm here in Turangi this morning. The Tongariro is clear and fishable and flowing at 25.7 cumecs.

The drizzle from the last few days has stopped … this was enough to keep the ground wet and encourage the growth of the Bach Owner’s grass and the vegetation alongside the river banks.  The blackberry shoots will be starting to take off now as well as the grass.   This sort of sticky humid weather should be good for the up-coming Green Beetle hatch. Not too far away from being able to see some of these.  Lets see what this year brings in terms of the Green Beetle hatch.  We must be due for a good one.  Like anything that hatches or grows, you have some great years and some poorer years but in general they always hatch.  Like Cicadas, contrary to popular belief, they hatch every single year, some years more intense than others and other years less intense than others.

Reports of some great fishing still coming through from the Tongariro River with some good strong fish reported caught.  A few browns sneaking and lurking around.  Fish still getting caught on glo bugs as well as Natural Nymphs.  You can pretty much do any method of fishing at present and still catch fish.

Now is the traditional time for Harling out in Lake Taupo which traditionally is usually done at first and last light.  Try a Green Orbit, Yellow Lady or Grey Ghost harling fly.  Don’t forget you can also harl with a hard lure such as a Toby or Cobra lure.

(Below) These are some pictures of stuff handed into the shop by various anglers over quite some time hoping that these can be re-united with their owners.  We are starting to get a collection and would really like to free up some space in the shop, so if they are yours call us here at Sporting Life ( 07) 386 8996  or email to arrange for collection.

Lost fly boxes found on the Tongariro River

Lost dive bootie found in the upper Tongariro River

Lost and found fly rod

Lost and found fly rod

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